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Dour Scandinavians update (3)

Let’s see … what’s the worst scandal going on in Congress right now. Oh, yeah … Conrad Burns’s war on Swedes (scroll down to the last two paragraphs). Or just read here, from the Associated Press:

Also during Thursday’s hearing, Burns asked witness Matt Andersson, senior aviation consultant for CRA International, about the spelling of his name. Andersson said it’s the Swedish spelling.
“Oh, ja,” Burns replied in a mock Swedish accent.

Speaking of Swedes named Andersson — Roy will have a new film (YOU THE LIVING) out next year. It looks awesome, from the stills and the misleading trailer (I was thinking, “moving camera … what the diddle is this”). Since the “Coming 2007” card is in Swedish, I take it that’s the date of home release. Hopefully, it’ll find US distribution more quickly than did the great SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR.

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