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geriatricsThree of these movies are documentaries featuring geriatric people of retirement age singing pop and rock songs from the past 40 years. Another one is called YOUNG AT HEART.

Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing at this display when I ran into it yesterday, and so I pulled out my trusty iPhone. Let’s say this probably was not the marketing juxtaposition ZZ Top, the Rolling Stones or Willie Nelson wanted. (And also an indication of why the premise of YOUNG AT HEART didn’t excite me enough to go see it. Old people singing rock songs is not a novelty.)

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Presidential endorsement

There really is only one possible choice in this election, and one matter puts it beyond reasonable dispute. At the end of the day, after the Born Alive Infants act, partial-birth abortion, “spreading the wealth,” Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres, the New Party, the “get in their face” thuggery, Tony Rezko, meeting Ahmedinejad and Chavez, surrender in Iraq, and all the rest, one thing overrides everything …

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From Benedict XVI

just for Theo:

Salam Maria umejaa neema Bwana yu nawe umebarikiwa kuliko wanawake wote na Yesu mzao wa tumbo lako amabaliki wa.
Maria Mtakatifu mama wa Mungu utuombee sisi wakosefu sasa na saa ya kufa kwetu. Amina.

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Overheard at the theater (or real-life IDIOCRACY scene)

One of my grad-school colleagues developed what he humorously called, and which became a bit of shorthand, “Old’s First Rule of Politics,” (His last name was Old. Still is, I guess.) Anyway, Old’s First Rule of Politics was “the people are stupid.”

Here is a conversation between two people, as related to me by a co-worker. Woman 1 and Woman 2 are both in their late 20s, in the bathroom after watching FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS at a Georgetown theater.

So, like, that movie was so depressing
That was, like, during World War 2, right?
Yeah, I think so. It was like 1937, wasn’t it?
Something like that. But I’ve never understood why we were in Japan
I think it had something to do, like, with the Japanese invading Hawaii or something
I so have to go home and look this stuff up on the Internet.

My co-worker’s words: “It made me want to weep.” I blame Old’s First Rule. Or Mike Judge.

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