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Prayer request

Now … for a big part of the reason I haven’t felt much like posting since the start of the month (those lengthy posts on DOUBT and LOLA MONTES have been sitting in my Draft folder for a week, pretty much in their current form). And it has nothing to do with Post-Obama Please-Slit-My-Wrists-NOW!!! Syndrome or anything like that. Something far more serious.

Later today, my father has triple heart-bypass surgery, to remedy 70 percent blockage in the main heart artery. This is not as risky a procedure as it would have been when he was … say, my age. Particularly since his health is otherwise good. But major surgery on a 65-year-old man is major surgery on a 65-year-old man.

I’d appreciate all y’all praying for him.

UPDATE: Things could not possibly have gone better for my father. There were no complications or snafus on the actual table. Within 24 hours, he could sit up for a time and even carry a conversation, though he was obviously very tired and on painkillers. As I type this Sunday late-night (MOVIE CONTENT: with one eye on TCM’s showing of DIABOLIQUE), all the tubes have been removed except a saline drip, and dad was able to eat a small amount of solid food Sunday afternoon, barely two days after having his chest sliced open.

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers in recent days.

November 14, 2008 Posted by | Family stuff | 6 Comments