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FilmFestDC schedule*

Washington’s principal film festival FilmFestDC began earlier this evening, with the kind of premium-price-ticket hoity-toity gala that I never go to. And, as per FilmFestDC custom, the film being shown (POTICHE) will not be otherwise screened, which is a shame as POTICHE is a very good film (7). Maybe I’ve been spoiled by (the early years of) Toronto, which Mike Leigh called “a people’s festival” when introducing ANOTHER YEAR there a few months ago, but I really don’t see the point of acknowledging a film that will only be shown to the $40-and-champagne-reception set. Power to the proletariat, workers unite, you have nothing to lose but …

err … umm … OK

I am not taking any time off work, which excludes a couple of nights completely and limits the number of weekday films I can rely on getting off work in time for, meaning 8-or-9pm-hour shows are OK; 6-or-7pm-hour shows are not. And the festival’s first Saturday was completely taken away by a once-in-a-lifetime and one very unexpected big-screen opportunities at AFI Silver. So I’ll only be able to see 10 films. To be honest, I am not terribly crushed by this. Unlike the past couple of years, the lineup doesn’t look terribly exciting. Besides POTICHE, there is only one film I’ve already seen and I really can’t recommend AFTERSHOCK (here’s my 4 review from Toronto; incredibly, it actually already played a week in DC commercial theaters back in November). There are only a couple of high-buzz titles (that I’m aware of; corrections accepted) and none that I regret having to miss — I severely doubt I’ll rue not seeing Patricio Guzman’s PINOCHET IS BAD, PARTE TREINTA.

So here is my schedule for the next week and a half — all tickets bought and paid for, so changes not too likely.

Friday, 8 April
630 Goethe-Institut THE ROBBER (Benjamin Heisenberg, Austria/Germany)
830 Avalon HELLO, HOW ARE YOU (Alexandru Maftei, Romania)

Saturday, 9 April (not FilmFestDC, but WTH)
100 AFI Silver SHOAH, PART 2 (Claude Lanzmann, France, 1986)
700 AFI Silver LE AMICHE (Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, 1955)

Monday, 11 April
845 E Street THE MAN FROM NOWHERE (Lee Jeong-beom, South Korea)

Tuesday, 12 April
830 Avalon HAPPY HAPPY (Anne Sewitsky, Norway)

Wednesday, 13 April
800 Goethe-Institut ARMADILLO (Janus Metz, Denmark)

Friday, 15 April
630 Gallery Place THE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER (Eran Riklis, Israel)
900 Gallery Place CIRCUMSTANCE (Maryam Kesharvaz, Iran)
1100 E Street OUTRAGE (Takeshi Kitano, Japan)

Saturday, 16 April
500 Avalon WIN/WIN (Jaap Van Heusden, Holland)
700 Avalon THE NAMES OF LOVE (Michel LeClerc, France)

* Also … I need to get Vanilla Ice off the top of my site.

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