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Believe it or not

(I’m walkin’ on air …)

No … believe it or not, I added a lot of new material over the weekend, though mostly for list queens. I updated my screening log to the current day from early August last year (it’s a lot of tedious work, but it’s easier than it looks if you keep all your theater tickets as I do), put up my new Top 10 for the year, updated my old top 10s to reflect old movies recently seen, posted my last two Skandies ballots … in other words, I’ve updated all the ancillary pages, which are actually more intimidating than a blog itself.

Also … contrary to appearances here, I actually have been writing a LOT of film criticism lately … just on my Twitter feed. I seem to violate the rules of Twitter by having no compunction against writing several Tweets in a row to make a detailed point, and they have to be read in consecutive order (because sentences don’t break conveniently at the 140th character). So my Twitter feed is now a part of the site, available to the right. (WARNING: A lot of my Tweets are dry jokes or sarcasm-bait aimed at the people I follow, and I also Tweet a lot about sports.)

SilverdocsBut as an example of what I’ve been doing recently on Twitter, I spent a weekend at DC’s SilverDocs festival, and what follows are based on the Insta-reviews of the films I saw there, spread over several Tweets each. There are a couple of differences here from what’s on my Twitter feed … I didn’t include the “am now standing in last-minute-ticket line for Film X” or “I saw Person Y” Tweets. I also corrected some mistakes and avoided the abbreviations designed to produce a reasonable break near 140 characters.

Also, in several places I elaborate here on points I left implicit or vague there, and everywhere I add a few words about the movie’s premise. (Only once do I actually make a brand-spanking new point.) All adds are noted in italics. Obviously, the event is past, but these are films that could be breakout hits (by doc standards) in the next year or so. The #1 movie on my 2009 Top 10 list to-date, e.g., is a film I saw at SilverDocs 2008. Here is what I saw, after the jump:

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Speaking of critics with day jobs

OK … my day job is not as glamorous as leading the whole united Korean people in their glorious socialist struggle to crush their imperialist foes and build an eternally shining future of Juche and frustrate the wicked designs … (stop it, Victor … stop it)

But nevertheless, I can still be interviewed as if I were a paid critic, as I was recently by Craig Lindsey of the Raleigh News-Observer for his Uncle Crizzle’s Critical Condition, a regular Podcast feature of his blog. Craig introduces me as “the coolest Republican alive!” and here’s a link to the first part of what become an hour-long discussion (we planned on 30 mins., but when Craig realized we were at 34, I deliberately egged on the conversation, because if you’re gonna cut in two anyway, you may as well have 55 minutes as 35).

Let’s just say I think I have a voice for newspapers.

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New Korean film-criticism star

I recently got the hands on the work of a great critic, destined to ranks among the Kaels, the Kauffmanns, the Sarrises. Only, this man also has a day job (making him perhaps the next Graham Greene). He also is the first major critic to come out of Korea, which makes him even more pertinent since that nation has spawned some of the world’s most interesting directors over the past decade — Kim Ki-duk, Park Chan-wook, Hong Sang-soo, Lee Myung-se, Lee Chang-dong and others. And I’m hoping now to introduce this important new critical voice to the increasingly diverse discourse on international cinema.

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