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Speaking of awards …

muriel002150.jpgMy bud Paul Clark has just wrapped up the Muriels, another online film-geek poll, this one named after some slimy rodent. No, RATATOUILLE didn’t walk away with everything, but it did do quite well … and I’m not sure if there wasn’t some “homering within the Order” hanky-panky going on. But the Muriels had the same Top 3 as the Skandies (though there is no overlap in the voter pool), but in a slightly different order.

Best of all, Paul and the other contributors have also written bohkoo words about their choices, that have made for lots of interesting reading in the last couple of weeks … so put your feet up and head on over.

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  1. What do you mean, “slimy rodent”? She’s a guinea pig, not a naked mole rat.

    But seriously, thanks for giving us a plug, man, especially about the pieces that the voters have written about the winners and other things Muriel-related. I honestly think these are the key aspect to the Muriels, as much as the awards themselves, since the written essays help to invite discussion in a way just the announcement of winners sometimes can’t.

    Also, the lack of overlap with the Skandies was by design, since I wanted to draw from a different pool of opinions. I think this comes out more as you scan the lists of voting tallies- the top vote-getters might be similar, but they diverge more the further down you go.

    Comment by Paul C. | March 2, 2008 | Reply

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