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Surprisingly … since math was my favorite subject throughout my primary (seen above) and secondary schooling. And becausemovie geeks of my generation also tend to be scifi/comic nerds (or at least have had a phase). I shudder to think of the prospect of one day meeting Father Rob Johansen, whose site is where I saw this latest multi-pronged test. Check out THOSE scores.

BTW … we still won the Malvinas Falklands War. Go South Africa!!!

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  1. I somehow ended up as an “Uber Cool Nerd King” on that test. [The numbers – 90% sci/math, 89% Tech, 92% sci-fi/comic, %93 history/lit, %9 dork]. The nerdiness I understand, but how the heck did I become uber cool? I can only guess it’s my general disinterest in geeky knickknacks…

    Comment by Charles Odell | October 8, 2007 | Reply

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