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Insane Central Asians update


Kazakhstan’s top media personality Borat Sagdiyev was unable last week to get American Premier George Walter Bush to attend premiere of upcoming moviefilm BORAT: A BUNCH OF MANGLED ENGLISH INCLUDING THE WORD ‘KAZAKHSTAN’ along with American dignitaries OJ Simpson and Mel Gibsons.

Then Uzbek propaganda spew itself out in response pretending to be government of Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan as a pubic-relationship offense. As the Musical Televisual News report last week:

The leaders of Kazakhstan wish Borat would just go away and that everyone would instead focus on the beauty of cities like Almaty, which they cite as having “sidewalk benches that seem perpetually occupied by trendy-looking teenagers.” The publicity effort for the country of 15 million went into full gear this week, beginning with a splashy, four-page, full-color advertising supplement in the A section of The New York Times on Wednesday.

But Borat know much more better than this. In statement of truth here:

If there is one more item of Uzbek Propoganda claiming that we do NOT drink fermented horse urine, give death penalty for baking baigels, or export over 300 tonnes of human pubis per year, then we will be left with no alternative but to commence bombardment of their cities with our catapaults.

And conservative American publications realize success of BORAT IN USA to tell truth about Kazakhstan and how it much more better country than Uzbekistan, run by Jewish leader Islam Karimov.

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