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For bringing disgrace upon British Jews, the Board of Guardians of British Jews (The Voice of All Jews Since 1967) has voted to make excommunicated Sasha Ben Cohan. Harry Greenberg, president of the Board of Guardians of British Jews (The Voice of All Jews Since 1967), said the comic actor had been received fair warnings but … how you say … shoved them up his arse:

We gave Mr Baron Cohen an informal warning over six months ago about the Borat character and how it is causing problems with the Kazakhstan government and that this is bringing major embarrassment to the Jewish community. Mr Baron Cohen ignored our letters and phonecalls and therefore after consultation with our rabbis, we have taken steps to exclude Mr Baron Cohen and let people know he is not connected with The Board and has been banned from setting foot into any synagogue for six months.

The Board of Guardians of British Jews (The Voice of All Jews Since 1967) was forced to make these actives because the Anti-Defamation League in US and A has grabbed comment about the harm Mr. Bin Cohen is causing to US Jews.

This six-month expulsion from all synagogues is most serious penalty possible because British Jews are the most kosher in the world. After all, if they not keep kosher, they would have to eat British food, and who the hell would want to eat that muck. Borat could not be reached around for commenting, but in other flaps regarding this Mr. Ben Cohan, he has said:

In response to Mr. Ashykbayev’s comments, I’d like to state I have no connection with Mr. Cohen and fully support my Government’s decision to sue this Jew.

Now let’s have a rousing country-folk song.

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