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If these people weren’t genocidal murderers, they would be hilarious

Remember in the SOUTH PARK movie when the Canadian Ambassador to the UN denounces the seizure of his country’s two iconic geniuses, points to a pie chart of Canada’s GDP and says “the entire Canadian economy depends on Terrence & Phillip.” Apparently, Al Qaeda thought that was awesome.

crowe_oscarSo the intrepid Jihadis apparently got an idea and hatched a plan to kidnap Russell Crowe as part of a cultural destabilization plot against American icons, according to an interview in Australian GQ with the New Zealand native Crowe.

Can you imagine Madeleine Albright going to the UN and saying “the entire American economy depends on PROOF OF LIFE and 30 Odd Foot of Grunts”? That would have been so awesome.

The plot was apparently foiled or never got very far or the intelligence was faulty. But in the spirit of negotiating differences with our Muslim brethren and avoiding Eurocentrism by celebrating diversity of thought with and within the great Islamic civilization, I would tender an offer to Mr. bin Laden. Why kidnap a onetime Oscar winner, when you twice as well by kidnapping double-winner Hilary Swank, wreck American culture by depriving us of an AFFAIR OF THE NECKLACE sequel, and destabilize the American economy by depriving it of the grosses from another KARATE KID movie. Just a thought osamabud.

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