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The original comment is now way down at the bottom of the site, so I’m replying up here.

hough.jpgMy review of THE BACKYARD (besides providing the basis for an article in the Matthew’s House project) won notice while I was absent from the film’s director Paul Hough in my comment field. Mr. Hough says in his note, contrary to my there-stated doubts involving a couple of scenes, that nothing in the film was faked besides the wrestling itself. I take his word for it and thank him for the information. But I stand by my opinion that if the “Three Stages of Death” story line and Bo were for real, it’s an attempt at pathos that falls flat from self-consciousness.

Still, I enjoyed the film enormously and look forward to Mr. Hough’s next project.

Certainly, this was a lot better than the last time I got input from a film director, based on this embarrassingly snarky little note I posted on Usenet almost … (gulp) … seven years ago about THE DAYTRIPPERS, a film I would have long ago forgotten about if I hadn’t gotten an e-mail from the film’s director, Greg Mottola. It was addressed “Dear Hater of My Film” and told me what a jerk I am (that’s the G-rated version) and how, I remember the exact quote, “AT LEAST I’M TRYING, rather than posting smug, self-important blather on the Internet.” Um …

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