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Here are Bill Clinton’s favorite books, according to The Impeached President’s Library (thanks Adam).

I wish I could think of some more smart-alecky comments to make, beyond noting that Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” is nowhere to be found. For some reason.

I frankly don’t see how anyone could list Max Weber’s [brilliant] “Politics as a Vocation” as a favorite book (though it’s actually a widely-anthologized lecture) and also quote St. Paul’s vision of Heaven in his inauguration speech — but trying to figure out Clinton’s mind is like getting into a land war in Asia. (Nick Gillespie and Fred Moramarco ponder the meaning of Clinton’s love for “Leaves of Silly Romantic Claptrap.”)

Any other comments on these books, only 5 1/2 of which I have read?

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