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They don’t write ’em like that any more (apologies to Greg Kihn)

harlow2.jpgI just watched the last reel of the 1933 film DINNER AT EIGHT on TCM, primarily because it has one of the best walkoff lines in Hollywood history. Ditzy blonde Jean Harlow plays a 30s-movie-euphemism for an escort or call-girl, and husky Marie Dressler a haughty 60-something high-society grande dame. They’re walking into the dining room for the titular meal at the end of the film.

Harlow: I was reading a book the other day
(Dressler gives a visible start)
Harlow: It was all about civilization or something … This guy says that machinery is gonna take the place of every profession.
Dressler: Dear — that’s something *you* need never worry about.

… it gets me giggling shamelessly every time

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  1. We would like to use this image for printing. Who can we contact?

    Comment by Mathilda Eloff | August 26, 2009 | Reply

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